Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 5th Edition / Sept.20+

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Best surfing documentary

Spoons : A Santa Barbara Story

Wyatt Daily

USA, 2019, 58’ (vostf)

Dusty archives have been painstakingly tracked down and remastered to bring a new perspective to one of the most crucial periods in surfing’s evolution. This is a film compiled of never-before-seen footage from surfing’s Golden Age, with outtakes and extras from some of surfing’s most well known filmmakers to tell a history that has never been told before. It’s an exploration of how one of the most significant corners of the world produced, and continues to produce, some of the most talented surfers and innovators. Deeper than all is a story of craftsmanship, work ethic, renegades and tradition, a film that goes beyond the time spent in the ocean to define how one spends a lifetime.

Best skateboarding documentary

King Skate

Šimon Šafránek

Czech Republic, 2018, 80’ (vostf) French Premiere

This first feature-length documentary about the rise of skateboarding in Czechoslovakia presents a gripping tale of the search for freedom in a society stifled by the communist regime.

Best surfing short film

How to Learn How to Surf

Tom Sachs

USA, 2019, 32’

Shot in Bali, Indonesia, How to Learn How to Surf is the story of the Ten Bullets Surf Team — a group of bad surfers led by artist Tom Sachs — on the long, painful road to becoming Ok surfers. With the guidance of two seasoned professionals, the Ten Bullets Team discover ten bullets or insights, about the learning process itself.

Best skateboarding short film

Bowl de campagne

Olivier Lambert

France, 2019, 21’

With less than 1.500 inhabitants, Chaulgnes is the typical French country village. At the end of the 90’s, the arrival of skateboarding has changed the lives of the inhabitants. And has launched generations of riding and punk-rock music lovers.

Official selection

  • The Tony Alva Story, Rick Charnoski & Coan "Buddy" Nichols
  • King Skate, Šimon Šafránek
  • Trouble: The Lisa Andersen Story, Chas Smith
  • Los Reyes, Bettina Perut & Iván Osnovikoff
  • Don’t Give a Fox, Kaspar Astrup Schröder
  • White Rhino , Brent Storm
  • Bowl de campagne, Olivier Lambert
  • Spoons : A Santa Barbara Story, Wyatt Daily
    Short film
  • Moustic en surf, Étienne Labroue
  • A Day in the Life of Cher, Magdalena Wosinska
  • Tan, Alena Ehrenbold
  • Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl), Carol Dysinger
  • Kamali , Sasha Rainbow
  • Flux, Lewis Arnold
  • How to Learn How to Surf, Tom Sachs
    Feature film
  • Skate Kitchen , Crystal Moselle


Tony Alva

Jury president

Skateboard legend
Los Angeles (Ca.), USA

Santa Monica native, 61-year-old Tony Alva, is an original Z-Boy (Venice Beach) and considered by many to be the godfather of modern day skateboarding. Alva’s brand of aggression and bravado in the ‘70s changed the way skateboarding would be forever defined. A true skate & surf living legend.

Justine Mauvin

Musician · Surfer
Biarritz, France

A native of Reunion Island, Justine Mauvin is an international longboard surfing champion, globe-trotter, documentary filmmaker and now a musician. She is preparing her first EP - a contemporary soul where tradition marries modernity.

Elisabeth Gomis

Journalist - Director
Paris, France

A columnist for Radio Nova then a journalist, she directed Africa Riding (2017), a series of short documentaries filmed in Africa, the story of eight young riders participating locally to create a new social and cultural order.

Jonathan Paskowitz

Surfer · Entrepreneur
Paris, France

Jonathan Paskowitz is the second oldest of nine from the legendary Paskowitz family. He has long been a part of the world surfing community, both as an experimented surfer and in the surf industry with brands like Black Flys and Lightning Bolt. He now lives in Paris.

Pedro Winter

Producer · Dj (Ed Banger)
Paris, France

Skateboarder enthousiast , emblematic figure of the electronic scene, has created Ed Banger records in 2003. In 2011, he has curated Public Domaine exhibition at Gaité Lyrique. In 2018, he turned to art direction and event design with his new structure Pedro’s Boutique.

David Luraschi

Photographer · Director
Paris, France

Popular culture, film history or folklore are among his inspirations to develop a documentary narration he likes to call do it yourself mythology. Between workshops and professional works (fashion, art ...), he also makes films, like the one for the Paris Opera Giselle: The Walking Landscape.

Neels Castillon

Paris, France

Neels Castillon is a Paris based film director & photographer. Named one of the 2018 Young Guns by the ADC/One Club for Creativity, Neels’s style is a refreshing combination of strong visuals and pure storytelling. He has directed award-winning shorts films, music videos, feature documentaries and brought his love for creative challenges to top brands including Lacoste, National Geographic, Nikon or Puma. He also co-founded Motion Palace a creative studio, producing original content for brands, entertainment, arts & cultures. Neels is represented worldwide by the Ridley Scott Creative Group.


Emmanuel Cossu

Paris, France

Over the past decade, award winning director Manu Cossu took the world by storm with his groundbreaking music videos (M83, Gesaffelstein, Drake…), short films and commercials (Nike, adidas Originals, Dior…). Manu has a striking ability to immerse his audience in deeply artistic mis-en-scènes by bridging conceptualism with forward thinking. He brings fresh and imaginative components to all of his projects.


Lee-Ann Curren

Musician / Surfer
Biarritz, France

Daughter of Californian surfing legend Tom Curren, Lee-Ann has found her place in global surfing over the years. Twice European champion and qualified on the World Tour at 19, she moved away from competition to indulge in free-surfing. Now a documentary co-director and musician, she released her debut EP ‘Shapes, Colors’ in February 2020, and her Izia opening act tour is expected to resume this fall.


Benjamin Deberdt

Paris, France

Benjamin Deberdt, a 49-year-old photographer, has mostly traveled for and through skateboarding. Founder of Sugar, a French print magazine, in 1998, then co-founder of Kingpin magazine in 2000, he is still involved in the scene today, but in digital, via Live skateboard media, and above all in his photographic practice and subjects that he chooses to document. Among his numerous encounters, we find artists, and other characters such as Thomas Campbell, Mark Gonzales, Barry McGee or Jason Lee…


Emmanuelle Lepers

Paris, France

Recently associated with Carole Scotta in Haut Et Court after 15 years with her production company Petit Dragon (Danger Dave…), Emmanuelle Lepers produces documentaries. With a will to decrypt pop culture, she favors social themes and diversity in order to be able to engage in film and television projects of different genres and formats: feature films, unitaries, documentary series and web-series.


Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 5th Edition / Sept.20+

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