Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 6th Edition / 23-23 Sept.21+

PSSFF 2021

Official selection

An international competition of 18 independant movies inspired by surfing & skateboarding, including 12 french premieres, and 3 films presented out of competition

Opening Film

24 September 2020 20:45

27 September 2020 20:15

Outdeh – The Youth of Jamaica

Louis Amon Josek

Allemagne/Jamaïque · 2019 · 79’ (vostfr)

Outdeh is a documentary film that portrays the Youth of Jamaica: a new generation in transition, determined to get out of old and set structures in society and culture – and contribute with their fresh mindset and strength to a new understanding of the island.

Surf Documentaries

24 September 2020 20:45

27 September 2020 20:15

Outdeh – The Youth of Jamaica

Louis Amon Josek

Allemagne/Jamaïque · 2019 · 79’ (vostfr)

Outdeh is a documentary film that portrays the Youth of Jamaica: a new generation in transition, determined to get out of old and set structures in society and culture – and contribute with their fresh mindset and strength to a new understanding of the island.

25 September 2020 21:15

25 September 2020 21:45

Water Get No Enemy

Arthur Bourbon & Damien Castera

France · 2019 · 47’
En présence des réalisateurs

Arthur Bourbon and Damien Castera met the first generation of surfers in the country. Among them, former child soldiers who, 15 years after the end of the civil war, want to rebuild themselves through surfing.

Skateboard Documentaries

26 September 2020 18:30

Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad

Matt Harris

USA/UK · 2020 · 79’(vostfr)
French Premiere
En présence du réalisateur (à confirmer)

When a tragedy strikes the worlds most unique skatepark, a group of old school skaters, BMX riders and street artists team up to fight for its survival.

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27 September 2020 16:30

Pretending I’m A Superman. The Tony Hawk Video Game Story

Ludvig Gür

USA · 2020 · 72’ (vostfr)

In 1999, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game Series came out: it shook up the gaming world and changed the skating world forever. Pretending I’m Superman tells the story of skaters and developers who got together to create one of the most lucrative video game franchise ever, bringing the name of Tony Hawk in history.

Short Films

26 September 2020 15:15

Short film program #1

Une sélection de deux films qui met à l’honneur une pratique féminine du surf et du skateboard (62’)

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Just Go Fucking Surfing

Juul Hesselberth

Netherlands · 2020 · 27’ Screening in the presence of the Director

Although more women are surfing, their stories still remain rarely told. What does the marketed ‘sexy surfer girl’ image do with women who never felt like they suited this image? How has this influenced their career and self-esteem? For her ethnographic documentary Juul Hesselberth spent three months in Australia, where she followed four female pro surfers whom pursue(d) a surfing career. This film moves through the online representations to the lived reality of female athletes.

What You Did There Was Amazing

Oona Markkanen & Ines Särkkä

Finland · 2020 · 35’

Women have always been skateboarding, but it is only in the last decade that a woman on a skateboard is no longer only a rare sight. What You Did There Was Amazing is a documentary about skateboarding, narrated by women who skate. For these women skateboarding is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. It’s unavoidable to get bruises or open wounds but the high from a accomplishment is worth of it all.
However, in the end, skateboarding is more about community and expressing yourself freely, than anything else.

27 September 2020 14:30

Short film program #2

Une sélection de 6 courts métrages surf & skateboard (79’)

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Surf Girls Jamaica

Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane

UK, Jamaica · 2019 · 16’

Surf Girls Jamaica focuses on Imani Wilmot, an inspirational Jamaican surfer who uses the sport as a means of transforming the tough lives of the women around her, in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Locals Only

Brent Harris

South Africa · 2019 · 13’ With: Norton O'Donnell, Joshua Chisholm, Chappies Gallant

A white teenager invites two Black teenagers to join him in an afternoon of skateboarding, but this gesture of friendship takes an unexpected turn in Apartheid-era South Africa. Infusing affective drama with dreamy youthful energy, Brent Harris crafts an uncommonly sharp exploration of innocence and complicity.

Roca Bruja

Brian Llinares & Baptiste Levrier

France · 2020 · 5’

Mythical surf spot revealed in Endless Summer 2, Roca Bruja’s wave captivates by the magnetism exerted by this hooked rock at the foot of which unfurls perfect waves. The place is inhabited by several legends which would have earned it his nameof Roca Bruja, i.e witch’s rock: the sound of the wind, the rolling waves, its threatening shape…

Uncomfortably Comfortable

Myriah Marquez

USA · 2020 · 17’

Living life to its fullest, Myriah Rose Marquez, a co-founder of the all-women’s skateboard collective, GRLSWIRL, makes her vehicle her home in Venice. This film is the impressionistic diary of her nomadic adventures. Called "The Ultimate Road Movie (in 13 minutes)” by critic James Kenny, we follow along as Myriah processes her life and tries to shift society’s standards of compassion.

The Wave

Juli Soonntag

Germany/Jamaica · 2020 · 20’

Jamaica has a growing surf and skateboarding scene. Surfers find great spots while for skateboarders this is a greater challenge.
In February 2020 Concrete Jungle Foundation launched the construction of the first skatepark in Kingston, the island´s capital. This is the story of the local skate and surf community and their quest for a park.


Josu Ortega & Aljaz Babnik

Spain · 2020 · 6’30

Pain(FULL) is an audiovisual project that delves into the concept of the need of pain and suffering in order to appreciate and achieve happiness. The film shows this concept through a metaphor with skateboarding and explains a journey of liberation and acceptance of suffering.

27 September 2020 18:30

Short film program #3

Une sélection de 6 courts métrages surf & skateboard (64’)

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Raw Fish

Olivier Sautet

France/Tahiti · 2020 · 15’

Matahi Drollet has been surfing on his home island of Tahiti since he was a child. See him push his boundaries and show you how it’s done on one of surfing’s most legendary spots—Teahupo’o.

Street Flame

Katherine Propper

USA · 2019 · 12’ With: Sauve Sidle, Isaiah Shepard, Jessica Price, Katelyn Mitchell, Curtis Rhodes

Following the death of their friend, a crew of skaters and motley street teens imagine their own rituals to commemorate her on their own terms.


Jessie Ayles

South Africa/UK · 2019 · 4’35

Waves follows three young girls as they grow up in one of South Africa’s most violent communities.

Double Sexy

Ben Mullinkosson

2020 · 16’40 (vostfr)

Documentary filmmaker Ben Mullinkosson provides a no holds barred look at the skate culture and underground party communities of Chengdu—the capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province.

The Armstrongs

Arthur Neumeier

South Africa · 2020 · 8’

This short film documenting follows The Armstrong family that lives a life not many would deem Conventional. They share strong bonds with each other and the ocean; making a point of placing well being, unity, love and a genuine connection with nature above financial gain and status.


Mike McKinlay

Canada · 2020 · 7’ (vostfr)

This documentary titled Marty follows an 11 year old 80’s obsessed with skate punk – stuck in the past while struggling to navigate the present.

Out of competition

25 September 2020 19:00

Paddle for your Planet — Screening+Talk

Sabina Hourcade & Lucie Francini

France · 2020 · 52’

During the Fall of 2018, on the Basque coast, a small group of people got inspired by the walks for climate change and decided to get together and act to become the voice of the ocean and mobilize their community. During the following ten months, without interruption, no matter the weather and water conditions, they met all along the coast to express their concerns about the climate emergency and call for individual and collective change. This documentary, Paddle for your Planet, is the story of this mobilization.

26 September 2020 21:00


Projection de deux films surf hors compétition : Sound of Surfing (SOS) de Julie & Vincent Kardasik avec Molécule et Translate de Chris McLean

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Sounds of Surfing (S.O.S)

Julie & Vincent Kardasik with DJ Molécule

France · 2020 48' Présentation du film par Molécule et Pedro Winter

Molecule has always been fascinated by big wave surfing, his goal is to immerse himself in action and capture « the sounds of surfing ». Those sounds are the raw material of his new EP. In order to accomplish his aims he is relying on a team of big waves surfing experts. The documentary S . O . S is telling the true story, the ups and downs of a tremendous musician and the best big wave riders on a giant swell in Nazaré working together to make the raw and violent reality of big wave surfing a fascinating and moving piece of art.


Chris McLean

UK · 2019 45'

A cinematographic & musical journey through Europe to the sound of the music of composer CJ Mirra, featuring the surfers : Benjamin Sanchez, Kepa Acero, Nic Von Rupp, Mick Fanning, Lee Ann Curren, Fergal Smith, Noah Lane, Tom Lowe.

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