Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 6th Edition / 23-23 Sept.21+

PSSFF 2021

Jury 2018

They awarded the best short film and best documentary in skateboard and surf.

© Alexis Zavialoff

Yorgo Tloupas

Yorgo Tloupas is a Franco-Greek art director and designer based in Paris. He started skateboarding in 1985, then surfing, and became a recognized professional in the press (Crash, Intersection, Vanity Fair, …) and design (Rossignol, Black Crows, …). Today he directs the studio Yorgo & Co (Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Omega, …), while teaching at Penninghen and Sciences Po Paris.

Arthur de Kersauson

French filmmaker (Mercenary prod) who grew up in the surf and skateboard culture. He’s directing and producing documentaries and films for luxury brands with a focus on adventure and lifestyle. A dedicated surfer, Arthur is sharing his time between Paris, the south west of France and California.

© David Couliau

Yann Garin

An essential figure on the French and Parisian skateboard scene since the 90’s, and still an active rider, Yann Garin is known today for his videos on Instagram under the 101Chichi name, with the Republic plaza as a focal point. Noticed for his visual signature, Yann is now also directing many small formats for brands in skateboarding and outside (Buly…).

Élisa Routa

She works as a journalist & writer. For more than a decade, she has been working for many surfing magazines. Today, Élisa is the chief editor of Panthalassa Journal. She also works as a journalist at Condé Nast International, in charge of emerging talents for Vogue.

© Marou Rivero

Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano

He is a mutlidisciplinary artist oscilating between photography, film making and staging. Skateboarding and travelling have sharpened his vision since his teenage years and contributed to shape his curiosity for the world and for art.

Les trophées du PSSFF 2018 sont réalisés par l’artiste Pablo Cots (Paris) et grâce au soutien de Levi’s© Skateboarding.

Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 6th Edition / 23-23 Sept.21+

L’Entrepôt, Paris 14e