Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 8th Edition / 21-24 Sept.23+

PSSFF 2023


The idea to organise the Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival was born from the encountering of passionate people coming from surfing, skateboarding and filmmaking.
The quality and the rising number of cinematographic productions inspired by those two cultures, as well as their lack of visibility in theaters, rose our desire to create such an event.
Our goal is to reveal and promote the creativity generated by these activities, by showcasing them under a different angle, and more over is to elaborate on the cultural and social potential these productions have to offer.

A true film festival

The uniqueness of the festival is its offering of an international selection of unseen and independent films inspired from these two cultures.
All the films are destined to be screened in theatre and to offer food for thought going well beyond the simple practice of sport, allowing for a diverse look onto different social themes.

A true cultural event

Concurrent to the film screenings, the OFF of the PSSFF has invested in the cinema’s rooftop in order to provide outdoor projections of videos, exhibitions (art and photography), demos and sessions, video workshops, DJ sets and performances, etc.

The crew

Selection: Elodie Salles, Julien Potart, David Couliau
Sponsors & Production : Guillaume Le Goff, Stéphane Borgne
Logistic: David Turakiewicz

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Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 8th Edition / 21-24 Sept.23+

L’Entrepôt, Paris 14e